LocoRegional Anesthesia: Practical Implementation

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Regional nerve blocks provide excellent pain management for many procedures. These are relatively simple and inexpensive to perform, provide immediate relief and work in concert to reduce general anesthetics and other systemic analgesics. This talk will explain how to choose locations to administer blocks, chose the most effective agent(s) for the procedure being performed as well as pointers on being successful.

Program Track:  Veterinary Technician

CE Credits:  1.5

Available To:  Veterinarians,Veterinary Techninians,VeterinariansSTAFF

Fee:  $0.00


Christine Crick CVT, RVT, LVT, VTS (A/A)(ECC)

Chris has dedicated her career to surgical and critical care medicine for more than 15 years, with a strong interest in high level, emergent anesthesia. Currently employed with VCA, she works as the Regional Technical Development Coordinator for primarily the Sacramento CA region. She attained double VTS certification in Anesthesia/Analgesia and Emergency & Critical Care. Areas of clinical focus include cardiovascular physiology, ventilation techniques, respiratory disease and the management of all things pulmonary in nature.